Emailing directly or filling out the form on this website are the only ways to book an appointment. Please email during open booking periods only- updates as to when this is will be posted on Instagram, on the "Updates" page on this website, as well as via newsletters which you can receive by signing up for my mailing list. You can sign up to receive these letters via the tab above that says “newsletter.”


It's been weeks since I emailed! What's going on?

It's totally normal for it to take a few weeks for a response- I receive a high volume of inquiries and wish to take the time each one deserves. Just know: it doesn't mean I don't want to work with you, and it doesn't mean that I don't care. I assure you I do and will be contacting you as soon as possible! (However, I am unlikely to respond to inquiries during a closed booking period.)


Can I get on your cancellation list?

I do not have a cancellation list. I sometimes will post random up-for-grabs pieces if I have a last minute cancellation- these will be on @KnotEyeTattoo Instagram stories, usually the day or two before the available appointment.



When we meet for a consultation, it will be to discuss all thoughts and specifications for your individual piece as well as to hand off a cash design fee. This fee is non-refundable and covers the valuable time I spend researching and designing your piece. This deposit covers up to 1 full re-draw, or 2 major edits. Thereafter will be an additional charge of $20 an hour for any other alterations. Here is the basic pricing chart-

$60-80: 8" and smaller

$100-120: 9+" and half sleeves

$120+: full sleeves, back pieces, chest pieces...etc

Come prepared and ready to discuss! Bring any reference images you have- print them out, set up a Pinterest board- do whatever works for you. Feel free to draw up a little spacial sketch or show me specific pieces I have done in the past where the style suits best what you're looking for. Think of some basic things such as whether you want color/blackwork, dotwork shading or etching-style. Be specific on size, placement, whether you want it to be realistic or more stylized…if you want a frame or any geometric designs...etc. The more you give me, the more likely I'll be able to come up with exactly what you want on the first try.

At the end of our consultation we will be able to set up your tattoo appointment, so if you can, come with a calendar!

Appointment deposit:

Along with the design fee mentioned above, everyone is required to also pay a $100 deposit electronically (I take Venmo or Cash App) during the consultation in order secure their tattoo appointment. This deposit is not an extra fee and will be deducted from the final cost of your tattoo. It is entirely refundable up until 72 hours before your appointment, but after that is no longer refundable. Canceling your appointment with less than 72 hours for any reason forfeits this deposit, and a new deposit will be require to book another appointment. This is in place in order to incentivize people to keep their appointments and not reschedule last moment, leaving me workless for the day.



On the day of your tattoo appointment there are a few things you can do to prepare. Be sure to have had a full night's rest the night before and treat yourself to a large meal ahead of time. Be hydrated! Feel free to bring some snacks, water, gatorade...etc. along to your appointment as well for a little pick-me-up. Keeping your body happy and energized will make you able to sit longer, feel better, and make a more positive experience for us both. 


Does it hurt?

Yeah, it doesn't feel awesome. But if it was as excruciating as your friends make it out to be there would be a lot less people out there with tattoos. It's more of an annoying feeling than anything, similar to a consistent rug burn or cat scratch. Don't stress! You'll do just fine. 



Only if you ask their permission. No exceptions (unless it's an old dead guy like Da Vinci or Dürer). Also note that I generally will only do another artist's work if I feel that it is challenging/inspiring.


Can you give me a quote?

This varies piece-to-piece and is something we can discuss together.


Tattoo aftercare?

When you come in for your appointment I will go over everything with you, as well as give you a little handout to take home with all information including my phone number* for any further questions or concerns you may have.

*Note that my phone number is for emergency questions only. This is not to be used for scheduling of further appointments.


Can i bring my kids?

Please schedule your appointment on a date where your children are with another guardian. My studio space is very small, and it's hard to watch a kid while you're supposed to be sitting still! If you desire to bring someone along, please keep it to one adult. I've got one big comfy velvet chair with their name on it.


Is your ink vegan?

Yup! I use Eternal ink, which is plant based glycerin.


Do you take cards?

Currently I am cash only, or you can also us Venmo or Cash App!