**Alice’s books are currently closed and will not reopen until Fall 2019**

Knot Eye has no phone number and is an appointment-only establishment. The only way to contact Alice is to fill out the information on this page or to email her directly at (which may be easier for attaching links to images. If you choose to go this route, please still follow instructions and head your email with "Tattoo Submission"). However, please hold your emails until it is an open booking period. When Alice is taking on new clients and she is taking new work, please follow these guidelines:

Please describe the imagery you are looking for, as well as style/any specifications (i.e. linework, dotwork, sketchy, simple, thin or thick lines, realistic, stylized...etc), any reference images you might have (this can be anything- tattoos that inspired you, tattoos that represent the specific location on the body, color schemes, Pinterest images, basic google images, sketches of your get the point). There are options provided to choose size, and location on body. Please be as thorough and descriptive as possible!

 Alice does NOT tattoo lettering, cover-ups/reworks/touch-ups (unless it's her own work), color tattoos, family crests, full trees, someone else's design, an existing tattoo you found on the internet and want copied, nor racist/sexist/homophobic/offensive imagery.

Thank you!

*It will likely take a few days or even weeks for a response- Please be patient. Thank you! 

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